How to Budget and Plan for Vet Bills

Budget and Plan for Vet Bills

No matter how much we love our pets, vet costs can be stressful.  Especially for those of us who love to rescue animals!  If I could, I’d rescue all homeless pets, but that is another post for another day!

Every year, each of my pets gets their regular shots and checkups that keep them healthy.  On top of that, I have a few with special needs that require additional visits throughout the year.  Several years ago, I came up with the following plan that helps me immensely:

  1. I calculated the annual cost of my known expenses at the vet.
  2. Next, I divided that amount by the number of paychecks I receive in a year.
  3. Then, I budget that amount out of each paycheck for the vet.
  4. Lastly, every paycheck, I remove that budgeted amount in cash and ‘deposit’ it on my account at the vet’s office!

That last step has saved me time and stress!  Not only is the money already on the account at the time of my vet appointment, but I am also not digging for payment at the end of the visit while controlling my pet.  I simply wait for them to print me out a receipt showing the cost of the procedures and what I have left on my account, if any 🙂 .

How do you plan for vet costs?

by Lynn

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