Front Porch Friday

Front PorchHappy Friday!  Welcome back!  We made it through the wedding and it was amazing!  The bride was stunning, the venue was beautiful, and it was a great day celebrating with family and friends!  I will share more in the days to come…how we styled the barn doors and crates for the backdrop, the table centerpieces and decor, and how we put together the food table for the reception.  This post contains affiliate links.

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Front Porch Friday – Full Wedding Mode!

Front PorchToday, there won’t be any time to relax on the front porch.  In fact, the only one on either of our front porches will be the neighbors’ cat sleeping soundly!

Nope, today we are in full preparation mode for Angie’s daughter’s wedding tomorrow!  That means all hands on deck, including mine!

Angie has already posted a few posts about the wedding preparations, such as the DIY Barn Doors and Gift Bags.  Soon she will be sharing much more from the big day!  Be sure to check back for more about this wonderful event!

by Lynn



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Front Porch Friday – Wedding, Walking, and Wonderful Music!

Apple Butter Makin DaysWelcome to Front Porch Friday!  We are in all-out wedding preparation mode!  For those of you who don’t know, my daughter’s wedding is Saturday, October 28th! We are getting really excited!  We have finished the wedding favor boxes (see the post about them here!), started packing the crates with all of the things we are taking to the wedding venue, and going over all of our lists for the hundredth time!

Lynn and I went to Mount Vernon, Missouri on Sunday for Apple Butter Makin’ Days, which is a great fall festival with crafts, food, and of course, apple butter!  She will be sharing more about our trip next week.  My favorite part was the church service in the town square on Sunday morning.  It was a brisk, cool morning and as we walked around the square, you could hear beautiful old hymns and wonderful praise and worship music.  It was awesome to be outside and enjoy!

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Front Porch Friday: Listening is Worth a Thousand Words and more.

Front PorchListening is worth a thousand words!  What do I mean?  Well, I met a wonderful lady at the Nursing Home where my niece works.  I sat with her for over an hour and could have stayed longer.  I asked her about her life, her family and her adventures.  I can tell you from experience you can learn a lot about life if you just listen.  I plan to visit her again soon and others there.  So many don’t have regular visitors and it means so much to them for someone to take interest and just listen.  We are all God’s children!

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Front Porch Friday!

Front PorchWelcome to the Front Porch!  Lynn and I will take time on Fridays to sit with you on the front porch and just talk about what is going on in our lives!  This will be a time to reflect on the week or look ahead to what is coming up!  I can’t wait!

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