Exercise Tracking in My Happy Planner

Exercise Tracking

Toward the end of last year, I decided to start running again (along with my current workouts).  I used to run all the time and fitness has been part of my life since I was 10 years old.  I wanted to figure out a way to track my fitness in my planner.   (This post may contain affiliate links.  This means that if you purchase a product through a link we have here in the post, we may be compensated at no cost to you.)

Tracking Exercise

Using the Happy Planner to track your exercise can, of course, be done in the weekly pages; however, I use my weekly pages for appointments and to-do lists.  Not much space left for exercise details.  So, I came up with a printable Weekly Exercise Log that I can insert into my Fitness section.  Here is my free printable if you would like to try it.

Create 365 Fitness Packet

Create 365 does sell a Fitness packet for the Happy Planner and you can purchase that here.

I would like to know how you track your fitness activities?  Do you use an app on your phone?  Do you write it in your planner or do you even track it at all?

As I continue on my fitness journey, I will be reporting how it is going and what is working for me.

Stay tuned!


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8 thoughts on “Exercise Tracking in My Happy Planner

  1. I track my work outs on an exercise log that I found through Pinterest. I didn’t want to track it in my bullet journal because it would take up too much space.

    • Isn’t Pinterest great for finding everything we need?! That’s what I love about this planner… I can keep a month’s worth of logs and just take out the old ones and store them elsewhere. Then if for some reason I ever want to, I can add them back in. The customizability (if that’s a word) with the Happy Planner is what has drawn me to it!

  2. I just shared about my planners today! I use my mini planner for work and tracking what I eat during the day. So far I haven’t kept track of fitness, but I also need to figure out a routine for 2018…once I do, I think I’ll keep those in my larger planner.


    • Water intake would be a great thing to add the printable! Thanks for the idea! I know exercise and water are both equally important.

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