Fall Festival: Apple Butter Makin’ Days!

Apple Butter Makin DaysThis month we went to our local, annual Apple Butter Makin’ Days.   The weather couldn’t have been better!

One of the nicest things about Mt. Vernon, Missouri, where this festival takes place, is the Clock Tower on the square.  A picture could not do it justice though.  I don’t ever get tired of the small town squares and their unique architectures.

As always, right on the square, under the clock tower, is the actual making of the Apple Butter!  The picture below was one of many copper pots boiling with the fresh apple butter!

Apple Butter






Next, we met Titan!  He may look big, but he was a big teddy bear!  He just leaned on us while we petted him.  That, of course, was after he darted under the table to come see us.  As you can see in the picture, the owner still has hold of his leash!

Festival Dog






Below is a picture of some of the festivities going on.  Just a small town fall festival.  We always go on the last day and early in the morning to avoid the crowds.  This is actually a picture of the Sunday Church Service being held on the town square to kick off the last day of this festival.  We walked around and looked at the crafts and sang along with the classic hymns!  It was incredible!

Church Service at Festival

I was able to pick up some of my favorite coffee cappuccino mixes and a pair of beautiful silver angel earrings.  I am determined one year to get myself one of the many handmade quilts being sold there.

Leave a comment if you have any unique fall festivals that you have attended lately?

by Lynn

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