Front Porch Friday

Front PorchHappy Friday!  Welcome back!  We made it through the wedding and it was amazing!  The bride was stunning, the venue was beautiful, and it was a great day celebrating with family and friends!  I will share more in the days to come…how we styled the barn doors and crates for the backdrop, the table centerpieces and decor, and how we put together the food table for the reception.  This post contains affiliate links.

And now that the wedding is behind me… I am ready to sit down with my planner and get organized!  (see more on my planner here) I am going to make plans for a freezer cooking session, closet cleaning, and of course, Christmas lists!  (Michael’s is having their 40% off planner sale now!  Go here to view them!)

One thing that really stood out to me this week is the thought of giving praise when it is due.  So often, I am willing to take the time to complain but not put as much effort in to giving praise. During the wedding, I received exceptional service from a grocery store in our area.  This week, I went back in to that store and asked to speak to the manager and you could tell they thought I was just there to complain.  They were speechless when they found out that I had come in only to tell the manager that I was very happy with the service and the extra effort that the staff put forth to make our event perfect!  So I challenge you today… take the time and find someone to praise and watch the difference it makes!

I am really excited!  On Sunday, Lynn and I are going to cheer on our friend, Sandy, in her first half marathon!  Go Sandy!!!

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