FREE Specialized Budget Sheets (that fit in a Medium Happy Planner)!

Free Budget SheetsNot all budgets are created equal.  That is why I created a set of four specialized budget sheets that I think will help you out!  These are my first designs.  I would love to hear your feedback if you use any of them and how to improve them.

One of the things Angie and I are passionate about is budgeting.  We are always looking for ways to improve how we do it, where we track it, and how we can improve it.  I would like to offer a free a set of budget sheets I created that can be downloaded and printed.  They can be printed out on a regular size paper, but they can be trimmed down to fit a Medium sized Happy Planner (see our previous posts on the Happy Planner here and here).  Even better, if you have a Happy Planner Punch you can punch the sides to fit perfectly in the planner!  (This post may contain affiliate links.  This means that if you purchase a product through a link we have here in the post, we may be compensated at no cost to you.)

The following are four types of budgets that are included in this free download:

Monthly Paycheck Budget

Some have probably never heard of a Monthly Paycheck, but they do exist!  I worked more than 12 years for a company that paid once a month.  This type of budgeting is something you definitely have to get used to.  My best advice is to pay all your monthly bills as soon as you get paid then divide the rest of the money up into weekly amounts.  Download the Monthly Paycheck Budget here.

Bi-Monthly Paycheck Budget

This is probably one of the most common forms of receiving your paycheck.  These are generally paid on the 1st and 15th of each month.  It certainly seems to be one of the easiest since you usually get enough in each paycheck to pay the larger bills without having to set aside money from the previous paycheck to do so.  Download the Bi-Monthly Paycheck Budget here.

Weekly Paycheck Budget

Receiving a paycheck once a week can be a blessing for some and not for others.  When budgeting, you would use four weeks a month to budget.  However, four times a year, there is a fifth check that can be considered ‘extra’ money!  These extra checks can be used to build your savings, save for vacation, use one as your Christmas budget and so much more.  Download the Weekly Paycheck Budget here.

Bi-Weekly Paycheck Budget

Many people get paid every two weeks.  This would be how I would like to receive my paycheck.  Why?  Well, much like the Weekly Paycheck Budget, the Bi-Weekly Paycheck Budget will have two extra checks a year as well – which can be considered as ‘extra’ money too!  Download the Bi-Weekly Paycheck Budget here.

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    • You are more than welcome! I hope you find them helpful. I too get paid Bi-Monthly now, but in the past I have been paid Monthly. Once size doesn’t fit all so that is why I created four versions! Thanks for stopping by!

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