Freezer Cooking: Single Portioned Casseroles

Freezer Cooking

Recently, I stocked my freezer with 16 single serving meals that can be pulled out and put in the oven… and just in time for Fall weather!  Here is the list of the three casseroles that I made.  I won’t supply the complete recipe and instructions here, but here are the links to the recipes on the original websites:



Meal PreparationFreezer Cooking Ingredients

The whole process took about two hours.  Not bad for 16 meals!  I began by putting the rice and chicken in the steamer, as I knew that would take about an hour.  While that was cooking, I cooked up the hamburger.  I actually cut the lasagna recipe into a third, so I only used a pound this time.


Lasagna Prep

Next came assembling the mini lasagnas by layering them in mini loaf pans.


Lasagna ready for the oven!  Initially, they are baked for a short time before freezing.

Lasagna Ready for Oven

While the lasagna baked, I started assembling the Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole according to the instructions.  By now the rice and chicken were finished cooking and ready to use.


Chicken Rice Prep

All the ingredients were combined and mixed together in a big bowl.  Then, I split this casserole into about six mini-loaf pans and set aside.

Then the lasagna came out of the oven!  I set them aside to cool before freezing.   YUMMMMM!


Single Lasagna

Next, I began prepping the Tuscan Chicken Pasta according to the instructions.  This recipe is delicious!  First, I prepped the creamy sauce that is the base for the casserole.  It is YUMMY!


Tuscan Pasta Prep

Once the sauce was ready, I mixed in the rest of the ingredients.


Tuscan Chicken Combined

Preparing for Freezer

Then, I split this recipe up into five mini loaf pans.  I covered each one in plastic and foil.  On the foil, I wrote the name of the casserole, with all the baking instructions.  I can tell you I have thoroughly enjoyed these and they are so convenient! Although it took 2 hours, I love that I cooked three recipes, got 16 meals and only had to do dishes/clean-up once!! Talk about convenience, I either grab a mini loaf pan and put it in the fridge in the morning to thaw all day or cook the frozen one at night after work… but either way, there’s no cooking or clean up required! (The original recipes are linked at the top of the page and discuss whether each meal is baked thawed or frozen, please refer back there for specific details about cooking!)

What kind of meals do you like to make and freeze?  Let me know in the comments!

by Lynn

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6 thoughts on “Freezer Cooking: Single Portioned Casseroles

  1. I really need to start cooking at least one meal ahead of time like this to have ready to go.. and I love the idea of freezing them individually portioned! Loaf pans are genius.

    Thanks for sharing, and the recipes look great 🙂

    • Thanks Veneta! Yes, these have been great for me to have and I plan to make more when they run out. I just made a large crock pot of really good potato soup and froze several bowls. Surprisingly, they froze, thawed and reheated perfectly!

  2. This is a great idea – my two daughters are in college so there are only 3 of us left now and find it hard to put together an entire meal when we aren’t even there all together. We have been grabbing junk way too much. This is inspiring to get back to freezer meals. Loved it when I did it with a group of friends about 8 years ago!

    • Thanks Laura!

      I am so glad this has inspired you. I know it has helped me a lot! Thanks for visiting and come back soon!

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