Front Porch Friday: Listening is Worth a Thousand Words and more.

Front PorchListening is worth a thousand words!  What do I mean?  Well, I met a wonderful lady at the Nursing Home where my niece works.  I sat with her for over an hour and could have stayed longer.  I asked her about her life, her family and her adventures.  I can tell you from experience you can learn a lot about life if you just listen.  I plan to visit her again soon and others there.  So many don’t have regular visitors and it means so much to them for someone to take interest and just listen.  We are all God’s children!

Looking forward to one of our favorite fall festivals this weekend!  The Mt. Vernon Apple Butter Making Days!  I’ll be posting about it next week!  This week at the other fall festival I got my yearly pottery coffee cup and my Mackinac Fudge.  Being a native Michigander, I love the fudge from Mackinac Island and was so excited when they started coming to our festivals here in Missouri a few years ago!

 Cup and Fudge

Added Yoga back into my stretching routine!  Just by adding 10 minutes of Yoga to my normal stretching routine, I feel twice as good.  I even sleep better!  So here is to keeping my Yoga routine going!  Ya’ll with me?  🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

by Lynn

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