How to Make Outdoor Pillow Covers

How to Make Outdoor Pillows

My porch bench needed new pillows for Fall.  The Summer pillows were pretty, but now that Fall is here, I needed to change them out.  However, I don’t actually buy a whole new pillow, I simply make a new pillow cover.

Those black plastic squares in the picture are actually my pillows!  I call them my “pillow base”.  During garage sale season, Angie found me two pillows for a few cents.  One I think she actually got free!  So, I covered them in plastic bags and taped them up nice and tight.




Pillow Begin

Materials you need:

  • Old solid pillow(s)
  • Heavy duty plastic bag(s)
  • Tape
  • Outdoor fabric of your choice (the size of your pillows will determine how much fabric you need – for mine, I needed a yard of fabric for two pillows)
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine

How-to Assemble:

  • Cut the fabric just wider than the width of the pillow and long enough to wrap around the pillow, envelope style.

Sizing Pillow Cover

  • Fold the fabric over the pillow, turning under the short end of the fabric to mimic seams to make sure they adequately cover.

Pillow Pinning

  • Next, iron the seams and start sewing – short ends only.

Sewing Pillow

  • Once both short ends are hemmed, lay the pillow on the right side of the fabric and wrap up each end to meet in the middle – making sure they lap over each other by at least two inches.  Then pin along one side.

Sewing Pillow Continued

  • Slide the pillow out the other side then pin that side.

Pillow Assembly

  • Sew up the sides of the pillows.  Now you have an ‘envelope’ pillow cover.

Finished Pillow Cover

  • Insert the pillow into the cover.

Insert Pillow

  • It is finished!

I made two pi;;ow cases in a matter of minutes and here they are on my front porch bench:

Finished Pillows on Bench

Hope this tutorial is helpful!

by Lynn


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