How to Make Quality, Long Lasting Cash Envelopes!

Cash Envelopes

Today we want to offer our custom Cash Envelope template!  You can make your own long lasting cash envelopes. Below is a picture of a few that we have made.  Below are the material list and instructions!  (This post contains affiliate links, see our disclaimer).







Custom Cash Envelopes

Materials needed:  (Links are affiliate links to Amazon for items that might be of interest to you for this project)


  • Download the PDF template here (Cash Envelope) and print out.
  • Cut out the pattern.  I cut out another pattern from a cardboard piece to make a sturdier template.
  • Next, gather the patterned paper of your choice – at least 8.5 x 11.
  • Trace around the template on the backside of the paper and cut out the pattern.

 Cash Envelope Cutouts

  • The template will have dashed lines showing where the envelope needs to be scored.  Score along the fold lines using the scoring tool and paper-cutter board.  The purpose of scoring the fold lines is making it easier to fold the envelope once laminated.  For better viewing we used the printed side up in the picture below. However, place the printed side down when scoring.

Scoring Envelope on Folds

  • If you have your own laminating machine, you can laminate them one by one.  If you don’t, you can do what we do, and go to our local Mardel store and run multiple through their Laminating machine at once.  Here is the sheet it produces!
    Laminated Envelopes
  • Cut out the laminated envelopes.

  • Fold the envelope on the scored lines.


  • Tape the ends closed with clear shipping tape.
    Tape Ends
  • Press the folds to flatten the envelope.  I used the handle end of the scissors.

Flatten Envelope

There you go!  Your very own customized cash envelopes.  They make using the cash envelope system enjoyable!

Custom Cash Envelopes

You can label them with a label maker.  The quickest way is to put a regular piece of transparent tape and write on it with a Sharpie marker.  That way you can change them up whenever you want with ease.

If you make these, please comment below and let us know how you like them!

by Lynn

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