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Yes…I confess…I am a planner geek!  I love all things planners…the untouched pages, the awesome accessories, and the endless possibilities that a new planner represents. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT PLANNERS!! I have tried to go electronic but I am a write-it-down kind of person.  I have tried many different types of planners; even making my own with binders, dividers, and calendar pages.  (This post contains affiliate links, see our disclaimer).

I am currently using a planner that is called a “Create 365 The Happy Planner”. There are three sizes available – small, medium, and large. Mine is the medium version and is the Happy Mind style. I prefer this size because I take it with me everywhere!  It is an 18 month calendar with a 2 page calendar layout for each month and a week-at-a-glance two page layout for each week.  It comes in many different colors and themes, and has a variety of accessories available to customize it to fit your needs.  The Create 365 Happy Planner brand has tons of value packs and bundles of stickers to accentuate their planners and make them even more fun and beautiful. All of these can be purchased at Amazon or Michael’s.  


The main thing that sets this planner apart from others is that it is very “changeable”.  My life changes fast and I need a planner that does too!  What makes this possible is that the planner is “disc bound”, which mean that the pages can be removed and reinserted as needed, unlike a spiral bound planner.  You can easily rearrange your pages, add pockets and other sections (such as a budget or fitness tracker), and remove pages as you are finished with them.  Also, you can purchase a special paper punch that (after you have cut any paper to size) you can insert it in your planner as needed.  Right now, I am planning a wedding and have inserted an entire section for wedding lists, another for a grocery/meal planning, and when we get closer to Christmas, I will add another section for gift lists, entertaining, food ideas, and more! I prefer to buy regular loose leaf lined paper on back-to-school sales, cut them to size, and punch holes in them for an inexpensive way to make list after list on cheap paper. 


I love the two page weekly layout where each day is vertical and broken into 3 sections.

I use the top section for “have to’s” for the day…any appointments I have with a specific time as well as anything I need to accomplish during the day or on my lunch hour.  I use the middle section for the meal plan for the day.  The bottom section is used for anything I need to do after work or when I get home.  This really helps me to keep track of all of the “have to do’s” in my world!


One other note…these planners are beautiful and have positive messages all throughout the pages.  They are uplifting and encouraging and we can all use a little more of that in our lives! At this stage of my life, this planner is functioning extremely well.  I love the way it keeps the details of my life in one place and is “changeable” when I need to be “changeable”!

by Angie

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12 thoughts on “My Planner!

  1. Thanks for sharing your organizational structure Angie! I love how versatile and gorgeous your planners are…plus the uplifting comments is a great touch. I loved using planners in school too! But now, I’m an online planner girl lol. Although I do miss the physical books. This is making me want to start using them again in the new year.

    • Thanks Ali! I have tried online planning…but I always seem to grab a pen and paper to make notes on…so I just switched back to an actual planner!! Let me know what you decide for the new year!

  2. This is amazing!! I am a planner geek too, right up to carrying it around everywhere I go (which I have done for years but since becoming a mom and exchanging a purse for a diaper bag I have been leaving it home more). This is a gorgeous planner. I have been using simple pre-designed planners but have recently been thinking of switching it up to a more customizeable one that I can switch the pages out of as I please, so I’m glad I came across this great inspiration!

  3. Lol, I see another Rachael has already posted. I am working on a bullet journal right now. I do it but I never check on my todos. This is my second week of never looking at it. I set up the pages, plan out my week and then look at it again on Friday. I appreciate how you layout the days. Maybe that will help it organize.

    • Hi Rachael!! I looked into using a bullet journal but it was too detailed for this time in my life! This planner is really easy to set up your days…hope it helps! Let me know how you use the page layout!!

  4. I use the happy planner too, and I love it! Like you, I tried online planning, but kept going back to pen and paper, so I bought this planner at the beginning of the year, and have been using it ever since!

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