No-Sew, Cheap & Fast Pillow Covers!

Quick PillowsI have always wanted nice pillows for my front porch bench… but didn’t want to pay for different pillows for each holiday or season.  So… here’s what I did:

  • I bought some “not so pretty” pillows at a yard sale for .50 each!  They are approximately 10″ x 13″ each.

  • I went to Walmart and bought fabric quarters to match the holiday or season that I needed!  They are 18″ x 21″ and come in many different colors and patterns and best of all…they are around $1.00 each!
  • I then open the fabric quarter, center my pillow on the fabric, and wrap it. I use safety pins to hold the fabric in place on the back.  My pillows are just for decoration… no one sits on them so pins are ok!

  • If they get dirty or ruined, I don’t have a lot invested in them, I will just find more pillows at a yard sale or thrift store and go get more fabric quarters.
  • I have also used red and blue bandanas and they look great!
  • That’s it!  Fast, easy, DIY, no-sew, and cheap pillow covers!

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