How to Organize with Photo Boxes from Michael’s

At my mom group this month. we were supposed to bring our favorite thing (under $5) in order to exchange within the group. Well, my mind immediately went to Starbucks gift cards… but I figured those would be overdone. So without much further thought required, I quickly landed on my favorite organizational tool… the one and only Michael’s PHOTO BOXES!! These things are CHEAP, durable, stackable, easily labeled, then reused and relabeled! I literally use these in EVERY room of the house! I’ll take you for a tour and show you all of the different places and ways in which they can used…

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Holiday Photo Box

Probably the easiest and most obvious is to use them as gift boxes. No wrapping needed as there is a huge selection of holiday themed boxes in stores right now. This makes a super simple gift box: add tissue paper, include gift, replace the lid on top, and viola! Gift is ready… Now for the less obvious uses for holiday themed boxes: They are the perfect size to hold many ornaments, a string of lights, recipes, or even bows you don’t want to get squished. I can fit two photo boxes into larger, plastic tubs to be stored until the next year.

Photo Boxes in the Pantry

I even keep photo boxes in my kitchen pantry to hold little things like jello boxes, sprinkles, bags of chocolate chips, and anything else that will fit!

Photo Boxes in Kitchen

I have 2 boxes in the laundry room cabinets… One is a mini, indoor toolbox holding small screwdrivers, a tape measure, and small nails for hanging pictures, etc. The other holds our batteries and extension cords (kind of a random combination but they have to go somewhere, right? And in my house everything goes in a PHOTO BOX!)

Photo Boxes in the BathroomPhoto Boxes with Medical SuppliesPhoto Boxes with Personal Items

I keep them in the bathroom to hold small medicines bottles, ointments, and boxes of medicine or band-aids. The other one contains any extra make-up that I’ve bought on sale and don’t need yet or pony tail holders and bobby pins that are sold 3oo* at a time but I only need a few in the drawer where I keep them to use on a regular basis. (*300 may be a slight exaggeration but when they take over the bathroom, it often feels like that many!)

Photo Boxes in Sock Drawer Photo Boxes in Kids Dresser

I have photo boxes in my dresser… separating my husband’s socks… because I am THAT crazy about organization! And in the baby’s dresser to separate onesies from complete outfits and jammies, etc.

Photo Boxes with Toys

These boxes are pretty durable and even survive being used to hold the kids’ toys.

Photo Boxes in the Office Photo Boxes in the Office

They are in the office… holding all the extra stuff that accumulates with time and home ownership… as well as another holds all of the extra cords and electronic stuff that my husband says are important but I need out of sight!!

And the label space is so easy to drop in a small 1 by 2 inch piece of paper to identify the contents inside!

I prefer the more subtle plain black or white ones but they come in so many designs and can be used in so many ways! Am I the only one who uses these boxes?

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