How to Paint Outdoor House Shutters

Outdoor Shutters

In full confession, painting the shutters on my house has been on my to-do list for longer than I care to admit!  But, this weekend, I finally got to them and wow, am I glad!  They turned out sooooo nice (if I do say so myself!)

Here is the before picture of my shutters, faded from the sun for the last 20 years!

Shutters Before

  • Before removing the shutters, I sprayed them off with the hose to get any build up behind them such as old wasp nests, etc.
  • Then, I removed each shutter, making sure to place them so I knew which one came from where.  There were only four, but I wanted to make sure they went back to the same place.
  • I got 24 new matching screws, the original ones were 20 years old!  Each shutter used six screws.
  • I placed some 1 x 4’s so I could lay the shutters down, but kept them above the grass.
  • Then they sun-bathed until dry!

Washing Shutters

  • Painting begins!  I used a spray paint for plastic and outdoor use.  This took about 1-1/2 cans.

Painting Shutters

  • Once first coat was dry, it took a few more times to spray over areas that were not quite covered.
  • An extra step I took was taking the new screws and stuck them sharp side down into a cardboard box. Then I spray painted the heads of the screws to match when I put them back on the house.

Completed Shutters

There you have it!  Don’t they look much better!?  Seems to brighten up the house, I think!

What have you done lately to brighten up the outside of your house?

by Lynn

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