Preparing the Gardens for Fall!

Preparing the GardensIt is that time of year that our gardens needs some tender loving care!  Preparing your gardens, whether they are your flower gardens or vegetable gardens, is quite simple.  Here is what I do to make sure my garden is ready for spring planting!

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The following is what I do to prepare my gardens, however, you may use other kinds of products, it is a matter of researching what you need for what you plan to grow!

Materials (many of these can be purchased from Ace Hardware):

  • Packages of fertilizer, I use a manure/peat compost.
  • Garden Hoe or similar.
  • Garden Weasel – not mandatory, but for small gardens it is great!

Instructions (as informal as they are!):

  • Place the fertilizer in the gardens you intend to use them in.

Flower Garden

  • Here I have two in my flower bed (above) and three each in my raised vegetable garden beds.Raised Beds with Fertilizer
  • The way they are placed in the pictures above makes them easy to dump into the plot.  I simply slice open the packages on the top.  Next I flip them over and dump them out.  It only takes minutes to empty all of them when I have them set out like this.
  • Below, my dog Angel is making sure my Garden Weasel is approved for use!


  • Garden WeaselI use the Garden Weasel to work the composted manure into the existing soil.  This way, during the winter months the fertilizer can work itself deep into the soil whether it snows or rains.  This enriches the soil over several months and makes it richer and ready for spring planting!

Combined Garden

I hope this helps you in preparing your gardens for the fall whether they are flower gardens or vegetable gardens!  What do you do to prepare your garden beds?  We would love to hear!

by Lynn

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