Road Trip: The Lodge of the Pioneer Woman

The Lodge

Visiting The Pioneer Woman‘s Lodge was, to say the least, a highlight of my year!  Yes, I can actually say I was giddy! I soaked in the whole experience and enjoyed every minute!

Once Angie and I finished up shopping and eating at The Mercantile in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, we headed to The Lodge where Ree films her Food Network Cooking Show.  If you missed Angie’s post on our visit to The Mercantile, you can click here to read it!

Pawhuska Bench

Once we arrived, the first thing I noticed were the awesome Barbecue Wagons that we have seen Ladd and Ree cook on countless times on her cooking show.

BBQ Wagons

Below is one of the views from the deck of The Lodge.  It is breathtaking.  We had beautiful weather, there was a breeze and the temperature was perfect!  I could have stayed on that deck for days.  Wonder if they would have noticed?

View from The Lodge

I actually got to sit at the famous farm table in front of the fireplace with the cowboy boots on the mantle!  It felt surreal sitting at that table!  Did I already say I was just a ‘little’ giddy?

Lodge Table

We actually got to walk through her pantry!

Lodge Pantry

One of the things I learned was that there are two refrigerators AND two dishwashers!  So awesome!  The one below is the one we see all the time in her show.

Lodge Back Door

Then there is the one to the right of the stove!  So cool.  I’m afraid I would forget what was in each refrigerator and would always be opening the wrong one!  But, I digress…………….

Lodge Kitchen

Ah, THE CHAIR!  I have seen this chair in her shows more times than I can count.  The door next to the chair is where her family always comes through when they are ready to eat whatever she is cooking that day.

Comfy Chair at the Lodge

We also learned that The Lodge has four guest bedrooms, each with its own spectacular bathroom.  Each bedroom includes a view of the sprawling ranch.

Lodge Guest Room

Guest Bathroom

Past the guest bedrooms was her new Prep Kitchen with it’s own pantry.  I’m pretty sure we walked around with our mouths open in awe!

Prep Kitchen

Finally, as we were getting ready to think about heading home, Walter, Lucy and Duke come running up the country road to visit everyone at The Lodge!  I believe I heard Angie say “we are not leaving anytime soon!”  She was right, I love dogs and I was getting discouraged that I hadn’t met them yet.  Lo and behold, Walter did not disappoint!

Me and Walter

Lucy was pretty great in her own right!

Lucy the Dog

If I remember right, this is Walter’s happy face!


So, once I visited with the dogs for as long as I could, we headed down the country road, back to the highway to go home.  God sure did choose a beautiful day for our road trip.

by Lynn


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