Save Money Using Discount Gift Cards

Save Money Discount CardsDiscount Gift Cards are a great way to stretch your budget further!  First, it’s important to choose a reputable website, such as As with any money saving tip, it is best to purchase gift cards for stores where you normally shop.  (This post contains affiliate links in which we may be compensated without any additional cost to you.)

Here are a few ways that discounted gift cards will help your budget go farther:

  • Christmas, Birthday or Special Occasion Gifts!  If you know what stores you will be buying gifts at, purchase a discounted gift card for that store ahead of time and use it to purchase the gifts.
  • Pet Food.  I thought I had been doing really well using store/manufacturer coupons with sales to get my animals their high quality food at the best possible prices. However, when you combine coupons and sales with a discounted gift card, it is even better! I budget money out of every check to purchase pet food. Because I buy specific dog and cat food brands, I typically shop at PetSmart. So I use my budgeted pet food amount to purchase the discounted gift card for the pet store, thus increasing my budgeted amount. I can usually save 10% or more at the stores I shop at most often.  See my post here on how I saved 51% on high quality pet food at PetSmart.  Also, unlike other discounted gift card websites, doesn’t charge any more than the price they list (for things like shipping or tax). Example: Say I budget $60 for pet food. I go to the discount gift card website and find a card where the purchase price comes closest to $60. So, I purchase a $67 gift card for $60… I still stay within my budget of $60, but actually have $67 to spend! Win-win!
  • Restaurants.  It just so happens that one of my favorite places to eat will often show up on this website at 30% off!! When they do I jump on them, because they go fast! I can often get a $100 gift card to McAlister’s Deli for only $70!! That’s a steal! On average, an entrée or meal will cost $10. So getting $100 of meals for $70 is the same as getting 3 FREE meals. Then, I also use their punch cards, so when I buy 9 entrees, the 10th is FREE! Between these two money saving tricks, it’s like getting 4 meals completely FREE! (Can you tell I like FREE stuff?) And don’t forget about their tea punch cards and tea time! Buy six cups of tea and get the seventh free and when you go between 2 and 5pm, a cup of tea is only $1.50, rather than the regular price of $2.15.
  • Home Improvement.  When I plan home improvement projects I always check which store has the best price for what I want.  Once I know the store I will purchase my items at, I check to see if they have any discounted gift cards I can purchase.  We all know home improvement projects can reach into the the hundreds or more and a gift card of even 2-3% is definitely worth it!
  • Grocery Shopping.  Always check to see if your favorite grocery store is among the list of discount gift cards, that is an easy way to save money before even walking into the store!  Combine with sales and coupons and you can surely decrease the amount you pay for groceries!

In addition, makes it easy to stay informed on your favorite stores by signing up for daily alerts.  Simply create an account, find the gift cards you are most interested in, and set up to have daily alerts sent to your email.  You never miss a deal that way!

Have you used discount gift cards?  If so, what sites do you use?

by Lynn

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