How to Make Outdoor Pillow Covers

How to Make Outdoor Pillows

My porch bench needed new pillows for Fall.  The Summer pillows were pretty, but now that Fall is here, I needed to change them out.  However, I don’t actually buy a whole new pillow, I simply make a new pillow cover.

Those black plastic squares in the picture are actually my pillows!  I call them my “pillow base”.  During garage sale season, Angie found me two pillows for a few cents.  One I think she actually got free!  So, I covered them in plastic bags and taped them up nice and tight.




Pillow Begin

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Fall Arts & Craft Festival!

Lynn and I went to the Fall Arts and Craft Show this weekend in Ozark, Missouri. It is nestled in a beautiful valley on the banks of the Finley River.  The weather was perfect for a trip to the craft show.  Not a cloud in the sky and it was warm and sunny!

There were over 300 booths! I really enjoyed just walking through the booths and tents admiring all of the fall decorations, cute baby stuff, pottery, and so many other great craft items.  I had to get some handmade cards…that is always something I look for!  I also found a couple of Christmas gifts – planning ahead! Then it was on to the mums…look at these!

It really feels like fall when we go to this craft show and see this beautiful display of flowers and yard ornaments… this vendor and many more are here every year.

Did I mention the food?  Oh my!  My favorite part of any fall festival!  Caramel apples, pies, cinnamon rolls, and of course…kettle corn!  And the sweet tea was amazing!  We had the hardest time trying to decide where to eat lunch…we finally decided on the Mossy River Pie Hole!  I had a Frito Pie and Lynn had beans and cornbread.  It was delicious!

I can’t wait for next weekend…another awesome fall festival to go to in Mount Vernon, Missouri…Apple Butter Makin’ Days!  Lynn will post soon about our trip to get some apple butter!

by Angie

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How to Make Quality, Long Lasting Cash Envelopes!

Cash Envelopes

Today we want to offer our custom Cash Envelope template!  You can make your own long lasting cash envelopes. Below is a picture of a few that we have made.  Below are the material list and instructions!  (This post contains affiliate links, see our disclaimer).







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How to Build a Rustic Bench

How to Build a Rustic Bench


I had seen this rustic entryway bench out on Pinterest so many times that I finally decided to build it. Since this is not something that I usually do (or for that matter, had ever done) it was possible that I had lost my mind! However, the instructions were so clear and easy to follow that I decided to give it a try on my first available weekend. I am glad I did!

Here is how I tackled this project:

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