Tip of the Week

Chop and Freeze Peppers and Onions!

We use green peppers, multi-colored peppers and onions in a lot of our recipes for dinner.  Even if the recipe doesn’t call for it, I usually add them if appropriate!

What I don’t like doing……………………chopping vegetables!  Just saying!

Peppers and Onions

So, when I get a harvest of peppers from my garden, my neighbor gives me onions from her garden, or either go on sale at the store, I spend a few minutes chopping them up at once. Then I freeze them and get out the needed amount for each recipe.  This one tip saves me a LOT of time when I am putting dinner together! It also keeps me from throwing away fresh vegetables if I don’t need the entire onion or pepper for one recipe (or letting them sit in the fridge until they go bad).

What do you do to help save time when making dinner?

by Lynn

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