Tip of the Week: Benefits of a Food Steamer

Food SteamerHave you ever used a Food Steamer? I have used one for YEARS! Imagine my surprise when I found out last year that my best friends had not ever used them! I now have them hooked and I think you will be too!  This post contains affiliate links, see our disclaimer here.

There are several brands of food steamers available.  I recommend the ones that can be multi-stacked so you can cook a whole meal at once.  Here are just a few benefits that I have experienced:

  • It cooks fish up flaky and moist.  I simply put seasoning salt on it and that is it!
  • Vegetables cook up crispy and flavorful.  (Especially corn-on-the-cob!)
  • You can literally put your whole meal in the steamer, set it and forget it.

Such a healthy and easy way to cook a delicious meal!

Go here to see the type of Food Steamers noted above.  Expand your search to see many more brands, models and prices!

by Lynn



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