How to Make Outdoor Pillow Covers

How to Make Outdoor Pillows

My porch bench needed new pillows for Fall.  The Summer pillows were pretty, but now that Fall is here, I needed to change them out.  However, I don’t actually buy a whole new pillow, I simply make a new pillow cover.

Those black plastic squares in the picture are actually my pillows!  I call them my “pillow base”.  During garage sale season, Angie found me two pillows for a few cents.  One I think she actually got free!  So, I covered them in plastic bags and taped them up nice and tight.




Pillow Begin

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No-Sew, Cheap & Fast Pillow Covers!

Quick PillowsI have always wanted nice pillows for my front porch bench… but didn’t want to pay for different pillows for each holiday or season.  So… here’s what I did:

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