DIY – Favorite “In the Wall” Cabinet


In Wall Cabinet

A Little History

My favorite storage cabinet is an “in the wall” cabinet built between the studs in our master bathroom!  About seven years ago, we remodeled our master bedroom and bathroom.  At that time, we had a very small bathroom with no storage.  We took out a closet and added that space to the bathroom which made it much larger.  Even though it is bigger, there isn’t floor space to add an extra cabinet for storage.  So we built a double cabinet between the studs on the interior wall between our bedroom and bathroom.  (Please note… this only works well on interior walls because of the insulation!)   (This post may contain affiliate links.  This means that if you purchase a product through a link we have here in the post, we may be compensated at no cost to you.) 

When I was planning the remodel, I knew that adding storage was a high priority!  While we had all of the sheet rock removed, we made sure the studs were placed correctly to make the cabinet.  We then purchased a “cabinet without a box” from a local cabinet company and added shelves for storage and electricity as well!

Cabinet Face Lift

Fast forward to now and we needed to give it a minor face lift on the inside of the cabinet.  The backing had come unglued in a few places and I wanted to add more shelves to one side.  We took out all of the shelves and re-glued the backing in place.  We cut new shelves from MDF board…they are approximately 4 1/2″ deep and 15″ long and there are 16 of them total.

Here is what it looked like while we were working on it:

and here it is with the new shelves in place:

In Wall Cabinet with all shelves

Even though the shelves are narrow, they are perfect for bathroom storage!  This cabinet holds a tremendous amount of bathroom necessities and doesn’t take up any floor space!  We have shown this to our friends and family…and they all want one too!

In Wall Cabinet

Stay tuned… we are going to make a cabinet similar to this at Lynn’s house very soon and we will show you the pictures of our progress!



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