Tasty Taco Soup


  • 1 lb. Ground Beef Lean
  • 1 can Pinto Beans with liquid
  • 1 can Chili Beans with liquid
  • 1 can Corn with liquid
  • 1 can Rotel Tomatoes with liquid
  • 1 can Sliced Olives drained
  • 1 pkg Taco Seasoning dry
  • 1 pkg Ranch Dressing Mix dry


  1. Brown the ground beef.

  2. Combine all the ingredients in the crock pot.  Leave liquid with all the canned ingredients except the olives.

  3. Mix the ingredients until combined thoroughly.

  4. Cook on low in the crock pot for 3 or more hours.

  5. Enjoy with any garnishments you like such as cheese, sour cream and tortilla chips.